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How to get the Télé à Chat achievement/trophy in Stray

Robots have similar TV channels.

Are you tired of roaming the streets in Stray? Why not have your cat take a break and relax? Sure, you could choose to sleep the day away on one of the various beds found throughout the game, but why do that when you can spend your time watching TV? You can get the Télé à Chat trophy by having your cat be a couch potato and browse through all of the available channels.

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How to unlock the Télé à Chat achievement/trophy in Stray

You can’t obtain the Télé à Chat trophy until you reach the Slums. The Slums is the fourth chapter you will come across in the game and starts shortly after leaving The Flat with your companion B-12. When you first reach the Slums, a lockdown will be initiated until you talk to the Guardian and get it lifted. Once that is done, you will be free to explore the area and get a few achievements.

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To get the Télé à Chat trophy, start by climbing the various objects to traverse to the rooftops. After reaching the rooftops, go to the back of the Slums where you see the neon blue Outsiders sign. You will need to go this way to get the Doc’s Outsider Notebook during this chapter.

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On the way to Doc’s apartment, you will find a couch with a TV in front of it. Interact with the remote control sitting on the couch to turn the TV on. Keep interacting with the remote control to change the channel. You will get the trophy after interacting with the remote control for a little bit. Remember, you can only get this trophy while in the Slums. If you reach the point where you leave the Slums, you will miss out on it.

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