How to get the Turtle Island Token in Lost Ark

Talk to turtles.

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In Lost Ark, there are 95 Island Tokens to collect in the game. These Island Tokens can be collected and then turned into an NPC at Opher, the Lonely Island. Collecting all 95 Island Tokens will reward you with a breadth of different rewards, including Stat Potions, Skill Point Potions, Mounts, etc.

The Turtle Island Token is obtainable after you finish a number of Roster Quests. After completing all of the required quests on the island, you will get the Turtle Island Token automatically. This makes this token one of the easier ones to obtain, and it’s recommended you do this as soon as possible.

Here is the location of Turtle Island:

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There are a total of five Roster Quests on Turtle Island. Roster Quests are quests that can only be completed by one character in your entire Roster, so make sure you’re playing on the character you want to claim the rewards for.

The Turtle and the Boy

  • Find another person on Turtle Island
  • Talk to Baham inside the cave
  • Use /talk to tell them that a person can’t become a turtle
  • Use emotiion: – Talk
  • Talk to Baham again

To Look Like a Turtle

  • Return to Baham
  • Sail to Changun in Anikka
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  • Ask about the turtle clothes
    • Ask about the interesting clothes
      • Ask about making clothes
  • Talk to Ringling, the textile merchant in Delphi Township
  • Drive out the Thief that rushed to Ringling’s field (0/20)
  • Find someone who can take care of Flynn
    • Talk to the villager
    • Talk to the villager
    • Talk to the villager
  • Return to Ringling

To Breathe Like a Turtle

  • Talk to Baham
  • Sail to Arid Path in Arthetine
  • Go to the Rizen Orphanage in Totrich
  • Talk to Hoyte Reporter
  • Talk to Housefather Viltri
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  • Move to Stern
  • Make Turtle Shell with Equpment Crafter
  • Look around to see if you’re being followed
  • Check Equipment Crafter

To Dive Like a Turtle

  • Go to the beach and talk to Flynn
  • Talk to Baham
  • Talk to Flynn
  • Sail to Port Krona in Vern
  • Talk to Vern Castle Magick Scholar Irene
  • Collect Spectral Breaths in Fesnar Highland (0/100)
  • Talk to Magick Scholar Irene

To The Sea

  • Talk to Baham
  • Talk to Flynn
  • Look for Flynn on the beach

That’s all you need to know about the Turtle Island Soul in Lost Ark! It’s a fairly straightforward quest, but can take you some time since you need to go to many places. It’s an easy token, however, so do it as soon as you can.