How to get and use Island Tokens in Lost Ark

An important collectible.

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Lost Ark, an MMORPG by Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games, has tons of different collectibles for you to collect and spend rewards on. One of those collectibles is Island Tokens, which are received by completing certain activities on different islands.

Island Tokens are an important collectible in the game. You can turn in the Island Tokens you collect to receive rewards, including Stat Potions, Mounts, and even Skill Point Potions. To turn in any Island Tokens you have, you have to travel to Opher, the Lonely Island.

Here is the location of Opher, the Lonely Island:

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Screenshot by Gamepur

When you arrive at Opher, there’s an NPC who will introduce the Island Token mechanic to you. You’ll also receive an Island Token of your own.

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When you receive an Island Token, you can return to Opher and go to the statue at the back of the island. (It’s visible with the Island Token icon on the mini-map.) Head there and turn in your Island Tokens by interacting with the statue.

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Now that your Island Tokens are turned in, you can return to the NPC in the center of the island to see which rewards you can claim. Rewards are obtainable based on how many tokens you have currently turned in. Here are the possible rewards:

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There are 95 collectible tokens, which can be achieved in a variety of ways. As you travel around Lost Ark, going from island to island, you’ll periodically gain Island Tokens. There are several ways each Island requires you to earn a token:

  • Some islands require you to complete a Roster Quest for the island. Tokens will be rewarded at the end of the Roster Quest line. These quests include Islands such as Starlight Isle, Naruni Isle, Metus Islands, etc.
  • Some islands require you to complete Rapports with NPCs found on the island. These islands include Hypnos’s Eyes, Bamboo Island, and White Wave island.
  • Some islands require you to complete a series of dailies to receive a quest to get the token. These islands include Peyto, Totopia, and Gesbroy.
  • Some islands require you to complete a co-op quest or World Boss, which will then drop based on RNG. These islands include Outlaw Isle, Alaker, and Wildwater Island.
  • Some islands simply require you to exchange other currency. This includes island like Freedom Isle, where you can get the Island Token by exchanging 60,000 Pirate Coins.

How to collect all Island Tokens in the game

As there are 95 Island Tokens to collect in the game, there’s an overwhelming amount of Islands to visit. This guide will be updated periodically with all islands in the game to tackle. Here’s how to collect all Island Tokens in the game (Note: This guide is a WIP. The guide will be updated periodically as we discover the locations of all 95 Island Tokens.):

Island Tokens available through Exchange

Island Tokens available through RNG

Island Tokens available through Rapport

Island Tokens available through Daily Quests

Island Tokens available through Roster Quests

Go from island to island and collect all of the Island Tokens you need!