How to Get The Volcanologist Trophy/Achievement in The Invincible

A few of The Invincible’s trophies/achievements are downright impossible to unlock without guidance, especially The Volcanologist.

All Locations To Unlock Volcanologist Trophy in The Invincible

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While The Invincible is a narrative-driven adventure across an alien world, it’s not without its secrets. In our time with it, we’ve found that it’s the trophies/achievements that present the most challenge, asking players to perform incredibly specific feats.

The Invincible’s trophy/achievement list becomes more insurmountable with each entry players read. Some are linked to endings, while others require specific actions to be unlocked. One of the many I had trouble with is The Volcanologist, which has a vague description that’s not helpful in the slightest when it comes to gleaning how to unlock it.

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How to Unlock The Volcanologist Trophy/Achievement in The Invincible

The Volcanologist Achievement/Trophy Location in The Invincible
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To unlock the Volcanologist trophy/achievement in The Invincible, players must get protagonist Yasna to come extremely close to hot lava. There’s only one place in the game I’ve found that this task is doable, and it’s right at the start when players are searching for Vesna’s crew members.

While following the strange metal lines underground using the metal detector, players will enter a large open area of volcanic rock. As they do, they’ll see lava spewing from a hole in the ground. The lava is flowing down a channel into the path the player walks, and that’s where The Volcanologist trophy/achievement can be triggered.

As players approach the lava flow, they can push up on the joystick to have Yasna leap across it, which counts as getting her extremely close to hot lava and will trigger the Volcanologist trophy/achievement to pop. However, this entire area is optional. Players can take a more optimal path to the objective and miss it.

To avoid dodging the lava and skipping the Volcanologist trophy/achievement, we recommend players explore every region of Regis III, taking every optional path that isn’t linked to an objective before advancing the story. Provided players do that, they should find everything they need for The Volcanologist and more trophies/achievements later in the game.

By playing in this way, it’s easy to find items such as the rope early in The Invincible and locate optional side paths that lead to new endings to the game’s twisting story.