How to Find The Rope & Should You Use it in The Invincible?

One of the first challenges in The Invincible is finding and using the rope, a choice that appears to have dire consequences.


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The Invincible is a gripping narrative-driven game that throws players in at the deep end right from the word go. One of the first choices they must make is whether to find and use the rope or not, and it looks like it could have impactful consequences.

The opening of The Invincible, inspired by the book of the same name, introduces players to a few core mechanics that will be useful later on. It’s also where players will be exposed to their first narrative choice, one that could see their journey end before it’s really begun. While we were playing, we had to restart to go back and find the rope and check whether players should use it because, like every decision in the game, it seems important.

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Where to Find The Rope in The Invincible

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To find the rope in The Invincible, players must check the map and head toward it as soon as they gain control of the main character. The map shows the rope in the bottom left-hand corner from where the game begins, and it can be seen when players are checking nearby landmarks.

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The rope is completely optional and can be missed. It won’t halt progress later in the game, but some players might find it’s important for the narrative they want to see play out. The rope is hanging down from a slope where the protagonist believes they used it before they passed out.

Should You Use The Rope in The Invincible

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When players reach the end of the tutorial area of Regis III, they’ll find the pat forward has two options. They can use the rope to climb down the cliff, or slide down the steep slope. When we first encountered this choice, we restarted the game to go back and get the rope because we thought the steep slope would mean certain death.

However, we’ve tried both options, and can safely say that there are only minor differences The Invincible’s story between heading down the steep slope or using the rope to climb down. The only noticeable changes are in dialogue, and at this point it’s only the protagonist speaking, so it’s a matter of a few voice lines.

If players want to see everything The Invincible has to offer, we recommend completing the game at least twice, making different choices in each one. The first choice players should change in their second playthrough is whether to get and use the rope or not, because it’s interesting to see how the main character copes both ways.

The Invincible isn’t the same as Baldur’s Gate 3 with many missable side quests based on choices and actions. It’s a single narrative that changes based on choices, but players are able to see most of it in a single playthrough.