How to get the Whispering Islet Island Token in Lost Ark

Get the Whispering Islet Island Token here.

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In Lost Ark, there are 95 Island Tokens to collect in the game. These Island Tokens can be collected and then turned into an NPC at Opher, the Lonely Island. Collecting all 95 Island Tokens will reward you with a breadth of different rewards, including Stat Potions, Skill Point Potions, Mounts, etc.

The Whispering Islet Island Token is obtainable through the method of Rapport. To get the Whispering Islet Island Token, you need to find the NPC Nineveh you can grow a Rapport with. You need to reach the “Trusted” Rapport rank with Nineveh, which is the highest rank you can reach. Reaching the “Trusted” rank will grant you the Liebeheim Island token as a reward.

Here is the location of Whispering Islet:

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You can level up her affinity every day until you obtain the Island Token. Give some gifts to her to make the process go by quicker. There are plenty of other islands where you need to level up NPCs using Rapport, so focus on one island at a time.

Here are all of the other rewards you can get from Nineveh’s rapport:

Normalx5 Ancient Platinum Coin (Gain 20,000 silver per coin)
Amicablex1 Stat Increase Potion, x12 Ancient Platinum Coin, x10 Ancient Gold Coin (Gain 1,000 silver per coin)
Friendlyx10 100 Gold Coin (gain 100 Gold per coin), x17 Ancient Platinum Coin, x5 Recovery Battle Item Chest
Trustedx14th Giant’s Heart, x1 Nineveh Card, Whispering Islet Soul

Note: Nineveh is not immediately accessible as an NPC right away. You’ll need to complete a quest found on the island called “Start of Our Story.” You also need a certain amount of virtues to talk with her: 180 Wisdom, 180 Courage, 180 Charisma, and 180 Kindness. If any of your virtue levels are below these requirements, you won’t be able to rapport with Nineveh.

Nineveh’s Trusted Stage requires 102,200 rapport experience. This will take you a very long time, so it’s recommended to give her any rapport gifts you can and visit her every day. Nineveh also gives away a Giant’s Heart, which is another important collectible, making this character a high-priority NPC to rapport with.

That’s all you need to know about obtaining the Whispering Islet Token in Lost Ark. Be sure to target Nineveh for the Island Token if you are planning on getting multiple Island Tokens at once. You can also set a waypoint by Nineveh’s location to make traveling to him easier.