How to get to Tranquil Isle in Lost Ark

Finding Tranquil Isle requires patience, an open schedule, and the means to track it down.

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Tranquil Isle features a unique and repeatable late-game boss fight, complete with its own rare drop table of special rewards. Normally, enterprising Lost Ark players would flock to it in order to try their luck at landing some loot, yet as they sail on Arkesia’s northwest oceans, they’ll often come to find that Tranquil Isle doesn’t actually exist at its marker on the world map — or, at least, spends most of the day not existing.

In truth, Tranquil Isle operates within a series of islands that rotate with the date and local game time. While it is only available on certain days and for limited periods of time, players deserve to know how to track when the isle will reappear, in hopes of maximizing their time spent exploring.

Locating Tranquil Isle

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Sailing slightly southwest of Arkesia’s frozen northern continent of Shushire, players are apt to quickly come across an icon in the shape of a palm tree connected to Tranquil Isle. When they sail to it, however, they’re likely to just find more empty ocean in its place.

This isn’t a glitch of any sort — in fact, it’s an intended feature. A limited-time world event, Tranquil Isle and its loot constitute a rare and highly effective method of account progression, with its limited-time nature serving as a means of increasing item rarity.

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Tracking Adventure Islands with Procyon’s Compass

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Procyon’s Compass is a function that coordinates events occurring through the in-game calendar for easier organization and access. Stored in the player’s HUD in the compass button on the panel located under their minimap, Procyon’s Compass tracks daily data on the many Field Bosses, Chaos Gates, Ghost Ships and Adventure Islands that litter the world map, providing players with some direction as to where to go next.

The Adventure Islands category, in particular, rotates a series of three late-game islands with every passing day. Once daily, at around 11PM ET, these three islands will appear at their predetermined locations around Arkesia, becoming available for players to explore for a limited time. The appearance of these islands is also reciprocated on the events calendar, the server-wide alarm system, and given an ocean-wide alert for players already sailing.

On days where Tranquil Isle is listed as one of the three available Adventure Islands, players can select it from Procyon’s Compass, which will mark its palm tree icon purple on the world map. This eases the process for sailors headed in its direction in search of adventure.

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