Where to get Jewel Coral in Lost Ark

If players want to ride a turtle, they better be willing to lend them a helping hand.

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New adventurers entering Prideholme in Lost Ark, in the whirlwind of store tutorials and new character introductions, are eventually led toward the city’s Luxury Goods Trader. His marketplace, while rather limited, offers three varieties of mountable turtle, with each seeming to cost one of a strange, new currency — Jewel Coral.

While players will continue to encounter these Luxury Goods Traders in all major cities during their early travels throughout Arkesia, they’ll seemingly never get their hands on any of the Jewel Coral that these merchants are after. It’s not until much later in Lost Ark’s story and progression system that these players will earn the opportunity to gain one — and only one — of this super rare coral.

Unlocking Jewel Coral: Turtles ahoy

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Nearing the end of their initial journey in Luterra, Prince Thirain will offer the player a ship with which to travel the world in search of the seven Arks. While this directive is the driving force behind the MMO’s main questline, players are free to sail in whatever direction the wind takes them, including the myriad of islands scattering the seas.

Turtle Island, located equidistant between the continents of Anikka and Pleccia, will become available to the player once their character reaches level 50. On it, adventurers can find a boy named Flynn who, after having been raised from birth by a bale of turtles, is starting to think he is one.

Flynn, along with his primary turtle caregiver Baham, will task the player with a series of quests to help him better establish his turtle side, complete with snorkels, flippers, and a shell of his own. This questline will bring players to Anikka, Arthetine, and Vern, necessitating that progress be made by the player through acquiring the first few Arks.

Having completed the final quest of the series, To the Sea, the player will be rewarded with one Jewel Coral.

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Purpose of Jewel Coral: Uniquely unilateral

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Despite its one-of-a-kind and inherently once-per-character nature, the Jewel Coral received from Flynn can only be used to exchange for turtle mounts. These turtles, varying in color from green, yellow, and azure, each cost one Jewel Coral, meaning that every character to complete Flynn’s questline will only have one chance to earn their preferred palette of reptile.

The bulky shells don’t slow down these mounts one bit, as all three turtles are equally equipped to keep pace with the back half of Lost Ark’s mounts. Scuttling along at 420 units per second, the turtles can tie most of the preliminary horse mounts that players are likely to have found early in their Luterra journey.

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