How to Get Vehicles in Death Stranding

Getting around in Death Stranding can take quite a bit of time, and those deliveries are going to take forever. However, eventually, players get the chance to make things easier on themselves with the use of a vehicle. Getting a vehicle is pretty quick, but players cannot do it immediately. Here’s what you need to do to get a vehicle.

How to Get Vehicles in Death Stranding

The first opportunity players get to jump into a vehicle for them to freely use is during a story-based mission called “Order No. 23. Retrieval: System Server,” which is in Story Episode 3. Players go through the mission, continue it until the end, and receive a three-wheeled motorcycle called the Reverse Trike. It’s an odd name, but it beats continuing through the game entirely on foot.

While completing this mission is the first time you get a vehicle, players have other methods of getting better, more advanced rides throughout the game. A great way to do it is to begin upgrading facilities they make deliveries to, thereby giving them access to larger trucks. You’ll need a good deal of crafting materials to build these vehicles, but they’re well worth it because they carry a great deal more weight than Sam or the Reverse Trike alone.

You need to take care of your vehicle, though. When you start to see it taking damage, indicated by the smoke and sparks coming out of it, you need to make sure to take it to your garage to have it repaired. Additionally, they are going to require power, which means you’re going to need a generator to make sure the lights stay on. If you don’t keep track of your vehicles properly, they’re going to end up destroyed, and then you’re in for a world of hurt. You don’t want to consistently waste your resources on building more vehicles, because then you’re going to spend even more time gathering them up and making new ones.

Good luck keeping track of your vehicles in Death Stranding. As long as you spend the time to make sure they have the proper maintenance, and you give them a break every once in a while, you should do fine keeping those engines rolling.