The Outer Worlds – How To Get Vicar Max As Your Companion


In The Outer Worlds, you can get NPC companions who will accompany you on your adventures. They will fight alongside you and can possess essential skills that can prove useful to you on your travels. In this guide, we will show you how to get Vicar Max to become your companion.

The Outer Worlds – How To Get Vicar Max As Your Companion

You can meet Vicar Max very early in the game. After you arrive at Edgewater, on Terra 2, you will meet the leader of the settlement and get sent on a mission. Your first companion, Parvati, can join you at this point in the game if you accept her. She will advise you to go and talk to Vicar Max before you set out on your mission.

While you are talking to Vicar Max, he will eventually tell you about a book he is searching for, if you exhaust his dialogue options. It allows you to offer to search for the book for him and will give you the chance to accept a quest called The Illustrated Manuscript.

Head to the mission location, a Collector’s House, and take out all the marauders in the area. Head inside the house, and you will find a terminal that you can investigate. You will learn that the book the Vicar is looking for was moved to a different area, a cave. Head for the cave, but be careful of traps. Inside, you will find the book!

Take it back to Vicar Max and talk to him to finish up the quest. While speaking to him, you will have the chance to let him join you. When you end up leaving the planet, Vicar Max will meet you are your ship and will become one of your companions.

Different companions provide different benefits, and it seems the Vicar is a pretty good hacker, as having him around will boost your hacking skills.