How to get Void Traces in Warframe

Easy money.


Void Traces in Warframe are a special resource that can be used to increase the rarity of rewards received from Void Relics. You will also need them to craft Dragon Keys which are used when searching for Orokin Vaults.

How to get Void Traces


The main source of Void Traces is Void Fissure missions. These can be found in the upper right corner of the Navigation screen. During these missions, you need to kill special Corrupted enemies, and they can drop a resource called Reactant. You need to pick up 10 of these resources to open the Void Relic, and when this happens you will be rewarded anywhere from 6-30 Void Traces as well.

There is an upper limit on how many Void Traces can be held at once, which is the equivalent to your Mastery Rank X 50 + 100. You can also earn additional Void Traces at the end of the mission. If you have a reward item from your Relic that other players choose to take as well, you will get an extra five Void Traces for each player that chooses your item.

What are Void Traces used for?

Void Traces are used to make Dragon Keys, which need 10 Void Traces per key. These Keys are used to open doors in Orokin Vaults, and need to be replaced each time they are used.

You can also use Void Traces to refine Relics, increase the odds of getting higher tier rewards from them.

  • Exceptional – 25 Void Traces
  • Flawless – 50 Void Traces
  • Radiant – 100 Void Traces