How to get Wiring Loom in No Man’s Sky

The material to weave it all together.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Wiring Loom is the base of most of the technology you’ll be crafting in No Man’s Sky. It’s a material used to weave together other materials to create all the sci-fi gear that keeps your ship in the sky and the air in your Exosuit. However, given that you use it to craft almost everything in the game, it’s surprising to discover that there are very few ways of getting this material. This guide explains how to get Wiring Loom so you can keep crafting the best technology for your character.

Buy it or pull it from existing tech

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only way to get Wiring Loom is by purchasing it or getting it from technology that you’ve dismantled. You can buy it from most space stations by visiting a Galactic Trade Terminal. You may also be able to buy it from the same terminals in outposts that you find on planets, but space stations are a much more reliable way to get Wiring Loom if you’re in a rush.

When you dismantle technology, there’s a chance that you’ll get some Wiring Loom from it. Of course, not every item drops it, but if you’ve used Wiring Loom to build it, there’s a good chance that you’ll get Wiring Loom when you dismantle it. For example, you may want to dismantle an obsolete upgrade on your Multi-tool or Exosuit, in which case you’ll get some Wiring Loom to use later.