How to get Yellow Nectar in Pikmin Bloom

Looking for specific Nectar?

Image via Pikmin Bloom YouTube

There are several forms of Nectar you can obtain in Pikmin Bloom. Each color of Nectar you give a Pikmin changes the color of the flower petal on top of their head. When you catch these fallen flower petals, you’ll add them to your collection that you can then use to walk around and plant flowers in your neighborhood. So how do you get Yellow Nectar for your Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?

You’ll want to go after yellow fruit in Pikmin Bloom, such as Lemons. These are a great source of Yellow Nectar. You have the chance for your Pikmin to return to you while you’re out walking around with a Lemon, or you can send them out on an expedition to obtain the fruit for you. You’ll need a Pikmin that can wander around your neighborhood to pick it up, though.

Alternatively, you can also walk around the planted flowers you find throughout your neighborhood and have yellow flowers go around them. These large plants that you see in your neighborhood bloom into the same colored flower that you walk around them, dropping the same color Nectar. If you’re hunting after a specific color, place flowers down on your path that you want to receive more from your Pikmin.