How to get your 2022 PlayStation Wrap-Up – PlayStation Wrapped explained

See if you’re a true PlayStation gamer.

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PlayStation has recently launched its own version of Spotify Wrapped with its 2022 Wrap-Up. With this, players will be able to relive the hours they’ve put in while gaming on their PlayStation 4 and 5. Along with that, they’ll have access to other notable stats like games played, earned trophies, and more. To get your Wrap-Up card for your PlayStation account, there’s a certain process along with specific requirements. Here’s how you can get your PlayStation Wrap-Up for 2022.

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How to sign up for the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022

To sign up for the PlayStation Wrap-Up for 2022, you’ll have to visit the dedicated section on the PlayStation website. There, you will have to sign in with your PlayStation account. After doing that, you will be directed to a dashboard that will have four sections of your 2022 highlights: games played, hours spent, trophies earned and PlayStation Plus games claimed. The latter is only applicable if you are a PlayStation Plus member. You will be able to view detailed stats of each section along with community highlights as well. After going through all four sections, your Summary Card will unlock and it will show all your essential PlayStation highlights. Additionally, going through all four sections will earn you a code for one of six Astro Bot avatars depending on which genre you’ve played the most. The 2022 Wrap-Up card, as well as the avatar codes, can be shared with friends in the same region either through downloading or social media.

The PlayStation Wrap-Up will continually update up until January 13, 2023. This means you’ll be able to look back at how much you’ve gamed for the full year of 2022 once we’ve moved the calendar over to next year. To qualify for the 2022 Wrap-Up, players will need to have a registered PlayStation Network account in their region, be at least 18 years of age, and have played on a PS4 or PS5 console for at least ten hours between January 1 and December 31, 2022. They also need to have consented to the Data Collection request on their PS4 and PS5 when signing up.