How to get Z-Creds in Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead

Earn some resources to help you in the future run.


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When you first start playing Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead, you’ll have absolutely nothing to your name. All you can do is begin a round and hope that you do well enough to earn something that will help you in the next run. This guide covers how you can earn this game mode’s currency, Z-Creds, which you need to perform better in subsequent runs.

How to get Z-Creds

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You can get Z-Creds in two ways in Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead. The first is by collecting supplies in every run. You’ll be awarded Z-Creds according to the number of supplies you gathered. For example, if you gathered eight supplies, then you’ll get eight Z-Creds. You get these even if you die and don’t make it to the extraction point, ensuring that every run improves your chances in the future.

The second way you’re rewarded with Z-Creds is by successfully extracting from a run in the game. You’ll be given a set number of Z-Creds on top of the ones you’ll get for gathering supplies. This varies depending on a few factors, but completing a run alive will always be more lucrative than dying with a bag full of supplies.

What do you use Z-Creds for?

Z-Creds allow you to reroll your survivor before a round starts. You can also purchase powerups before the start of each round to give yourself an advantage in the run. However, these cost quite a lot of Z-Creds, so choose wisely.