How to give non-date gifts such as food in Huniepop 2

Give a little to get a little.

HuniePop 2

Image via HuniePot

Gift giving is a core part of HuniePop 2, as you can use it as a way to turn the odds of a date in your favor. You can purchase gifts in the store tab of the HunieBee using seeds that you can earn on dates.

There are four types of fruits, rewarded for scoring certain token combinations, and each type of seed has a range of gifts that you can purchase.

  • Talent
  • Flirtation
  • Romance
  • Sexuality

Each gift will have a different effect, so make sure you read each one carefully before purchasing and using them. Food gifts will also only last until a certain time of day, so you need to use them up before then, or you have wasted your seeds.

For example, the Guacamole is a food gift that will cause the recipient to give you +2 Sentiment, and this is doubled is the character’s favorite Affection type is Flirtation. It will only last until the evening after your purchase it, however.

To give character these gifts, you cannot be on a date. Instead, you need to meet the character in one of the game’s locations, and you can give it to them when you have the option to talk. Open your HunieBee using the space bar, then select gifts, and then the gift you want to give the character.

Drag the food or non-date gift out of the inventory and drop it on the character you wish to give it to. If they want the gift they will accept it, but characters can also refuse gifts if they are things that do not interest them at all. The items in the store will reset every day, in the morning, so make sure you check up on what is available.

Finding the best gifts for each character boils down to trial and error, but we are currently working on a full gift guide as we play through the game.