How to grow Fluxweed in Hogwarts Legacy

Ready to grow some Fluxweeds yourself?

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Fluxweed is one of the several plans you can grow while playing Hogwarts Legacy. It’s an item you’re going to use in multiple potions, and your professors will want to request that you obtain it relatively often while playing the game. Although you can purchase Fluxweed from multiple vendors, we strongly encourage you to begin growing it in the Room of Requirement. Here’s what you need to know about how to grow Fluxweed in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to get Fluxweed seeds in Hogwarts Legacy

The best way to track down Fluxweed seeds is by making your way to Hogsmeade and going to the northwest part of the village, where you can find the Magic Neep vendor. This is one of the first shops you can find in this area, and you’ll have the option to purchase a Fluxweed seed.

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When you have the seeds, the next step is to make sure you have Large Pots. You can purchase Spellcraft to begin building them in your Room of Requirement by speaking with the vendor at the Tome and Scrolls store, which is on the south part of Hogsmeade. Head inside and speak with the vendor, who should have multiple variations of the Large Pot Spellcraft. You can purchase multiple tables with different amounts of Large Pots, allowing you to add multiple to your Room of Requirement.

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The final step is to take this all back to the Room of Requirement and begin planting. Fluxweed will take 15 minutes to grow, but you can give it fertilizer to produce more Fluxweed stems each time you use it. Eventually, purchasing multiple tables with Large Pots will be the most effective way to have plenty of this on hand for any potions you need to complete.