How to grow food in Len’s Island

Getting hungry in this game is a huge problem, but we’ve got a solution.

Growing Food

Screenshot by Gamepur

Survival games have several shared themes among them — building bases, exploring dangerous areas, and growing crops. Len’s Island is no different, as you will very quickly realize that food is scarce in the early game. While your character cannot starve to death, having an empty hunger meter caps your health meter at 50%. This makes traversing the Caves extremely dangerous, as there are very few food items down there. The answer, then, is to make your own food — and we’ll show you how.

First, you want to create some Wood Frame Farms, which cost 15 Fibers and 30 Wood per unit. Each Farm has a 3×3 grid to plant whatever you like in there, from Wheat to Berries to Rosebushes. Next, you will want to create a Well, which costs 10 Sandstone, 50 Stone, 15 Wood, and 25 Fibers. While you’re at it, craft a Watering Can, costing 10 Fibers and 10 Iron Shards. Finally, go out into the wilderness and collect some Blueberries. Don’t eat these — they will be planted to give you a greater return on your investment.

Plant the Blueberries at your farm, gather some water from the well, and water your plants. In one day/night cycle, you will have bushes of Blueberries, which will keep you replenished and ready to fight off the darkness.