How to Guess Pitch in MLB The Show 21

It is better to know what is coming your way.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Being a hitter in Major League Baseball is no easy task. You need to have the hand-eye coordination to make contact with a ball, the patience to swing at a hittable pitch, and the timing to get the most out of that swing. Hitters have a challenging task in front of them. Luckily, if you find yourself struggling to hit the ball in MLB The Show 21, you can turn on a setting that will let you see where the pitch is coming in. Here is how to use Guess Pitch in MLB The Show 21.

By default, Guess Pitch is turned off in the settings. The higher styles rely on you reacting to incoming pitches, but the setting can still be turned on if you want it. To turn on Guess Pitch, open up Gameplay Settings and tap the right trigger to get to Advanced Settings for Batting and Baserunning. The top option will decide to what degree guessing pitch will reward you.

During an at-bat, you will notice that R2 or RT will bring up a list of pitches the pitcher has. While this won’t do anything with Guess Pitch turned off, you will notice a representation of the left stick in the strike zone with it turned on.

To guess a pitch, hold down the right trigger, and push the stick in the direction you think the pitch will appear while choosing which face button you think the pitch will be. If you select both correctly, your hitter zone will automatically be centered where the pitch will come in, guaranteeing you better contact if you time your swing right.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In some cases, if you choose the right pitch but the wrong location, you will feel a vibration letting you know the pitch selection at least was correct.

Be sure to test out which of the Guess Pitch settings you like the most. Classic will give the least amount of feedback on your guesses, while No Feedback gives the most bonuses. Play some offline Exhibition games to see if you find a setting you like.