How to have a baby in The Sims Mobile

Nesting instincts.

Image by EA

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For players of The Sims Mobile who have put in all the hard work of building a nice home and life for their Sims, they may decide they want to have a baby. The good news is that this is indeed an option in The Sims Mobile, and it’s something that both heterosexual and homosexual couples can do in the game.

The first step is actually developing a relationship with the parter of your choice, as you will need a high relationship level to be able to get a baby. So, just work on your relationship and make sure everything is heading in the right direction.

On top of a good relationship you will also need to be EXP Level 11 before you can unlock the option to have babies in The Sims Mobile, so just play through the game, leveling up as you go. Once both of those requirements are covered, you will need to purchase the Stork’s Visit Bassinet, which is a required item if you want to have a baby.

The Stork’s Visit Bassinet can be found in the furniture menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Tap the chair icon, then the babies and kids option, and you will find the Stork’s Visit Bassinet in the section. Place the Bassinet in your house and you will then be able to choose to adopt a boy, adopt a girl, or have a baby with a character that you have a good relationship with.

It will take 30 minutes for the baby to appear, and it will still appear in the bassinet even if you adopted it. After that, you can name the child and you will then have a new baby in the house.