How to find space encounters in No Man’s Sky

What awaits you to discover in space?

Screengrab from Hello Games

No Man’s Sky features your character exploring the endless cosmos of space, discovering new planets, encountering intelligent life, and engaging in galactic economic exchanges with various alien species. You can even fly a living spaceship. While flying from planet to planet, you have the chance to engage in space encounters you can choose to drop in, abruptly changing your traveling plans.

These space encounters vary from engaging in random traders wandering the world, those looking for help, or you could learn of a strange object floating in space. While unusual, these random objects could hide rare items waiting for you to discover if you’re willing to accept the risks that come with it. There’s no set method for having these moments happen while traveling through space. They randomly occur during your space travels while flying around in your ship.

When a space encounter pops up on your ship, you want to drop out of pulse-flight to engage the encounter. If you continue onto your destination, you could miss the opportunity to interact with that rare event. Because these are random events, you want to visit them as frequently as possible and approach it with your ship. The type of encounters you can find depending on the solar system you’re visiting at the time.

Space encounters will vary. You want to consider your previous encounters and weigh the risks and rewards of stopping mid-flight.