How to heal in Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Chug that potion when you can.

Image via Mantisco

You’ll be facing many encounters in Hunter’s Arena: Legends, and if you somehow survive a tough battle, you’ll need to heal. The game offers multiple ways to get that green bar back up to normalcy.

Potions are available all over Hunter’s Arena: Legends. As soon as you start the game, you are given a small amount of potion liquid that you can use to replenish your health. To use it, press the directional button you have the potion assigned to, likely the left. Pressing it again will cancel the animation, so beware of spamming the button.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Potions are also actively sold with merchants who are sparsed throughout the map. They need to be bought with gold that you can collect from fallen warriors and, once again, chests. Once you gain a potion, you can equip it in the menu. You can collect three types of potions:

  • A lesser HP potion.
  • A regular HP potion.
  • The greater HP potion that offers the best healing solution.

There is an item that can replenish your currently active potion too.

Health regens are located throughout the map. The rule of thumb is that whenever you see something green, grab it if you need health. They’ll slowly regain your health bar but aren’t as effective as potions. Health regens are a quick fix.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Full health regens can be found with green crystals. Interact with them to gain back your green meter. Once used, however, they will fade away to black, making them inactive.