How to heal teammates in The Anacrusis

Have a little pick-me-up.

Image via Stray Bombay

Teamwork is the main means of survival in The Anacrusis. Like Left 4 Dead before it, you can fight to survive on your own, but you are likely to eventually end up in a situation where you need a hand from a friendly face. You will also likely need to be the one that needs to lend that hand at times. Here is how to heal your teammates when they are low on health in The Anacrusis.

To heal a teammate in The Anacrusis, you will first need to have either a Health Scanner or a Health Booster item in your inventory. You will be able to find these sprinkled throughout the level in various spots. The Health Scanner is essentially a Med-kit, while the Booster is like the Pills from Left 4 Dead that give temporary health.

When you have either item, you will then need to pull it out, replacing your weapon momentarily. On keyboard and mouse, press 4 for the Scanner and 5 for the Booster. When you have the item out, walk toward your teammate and hold down the right mouse button to begin healing them. Left-click will instead heal yourself.

On Xbox, press left on the d-pad for Scanner and right for Booster. LT will then need to be pressed to heal your teammate. RT will instead heal yourself.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you heal someone with a Scanner, you will need to hold down the button for a few seconds, and neither of you can do anything else until the process is done. The Booster, however, is a much quicker process since it only gives temporary health.