How to heal your Nexomon in Nexomon: Extinction

Keep them healthy.

Nexomon: Extinction

Like most creature-collecting games, Nexomon: Extinction involves a lot of battles. This means your party takes a lot of damage and you will need to heal them all regularly. There are quite a few ways to get this done, thankfully. 

When you are out exploring the world you will come across camps that have healers in them. These can be spotted by the green cross above their heads. Healers will heal your entire party for free, making them invaluable when you are exploring new areas. You should always try to find a camp with a healer before you get stuck into too many trainer battles or battles against wild Nexomon. It is a good idea to backtrack each time your health gets low, or a Nexomon gets knocked out, as this will save you lots of money on revives and heals. 

When you are in cities and towns, there will always be a healing center somewhere close by, and you can head there to get a free heal for your entire party. These will have a red cross beside the door, and a large green X sign at the top of the building.

Finally, you can use Potions and Elixirs to return HP to any Nexomon that drinks it, and you can use these midbattle if you need to. They come in various sizes, and can be purchased from General Stores or wandering Merchants. The prices can vary depending on where you are buying them, so be sure to check the prices each time.

Battles in Nexomon: Extiction can be very tough, and it is easy to have your team reduced to just a couple of active members. Make sure you always have ready access to heals, and don’t be afraid to backtrack to get free heals if you need to.