How to hide your helmet in Wild Hearts

Show off the best side of your character.

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The character you play in Wild Hearts will be wearing a heavy set of armor to protect themselves against the gigantic Kemono they’ll be fighting. However, at the start of the game, it features heavy character customization that you can work through to create an ideal character you want to see while playing. You don’t want your hard work hiding behind a helmet. Thankfully, you can hide the helmet and not lose the stats associated with it. Here’s what you need to know about how to hide your helmet in Wild Hearts.

Where is the hide your helmet option in Wild Hearts?

If you’re wondering if you can hide your helmet, we can confirm this. Unfortunately, you need to do this at a specific location. If you’re trying to do this while exploring the world and playing the game, or you’re in the middle of a Kemono battle, you won’t be able to do so. You can’t do it in the main menu or your regular menu while playing Wild Hearts. Instead, this can only occur while visiting a Forge to change your equipment.

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When you arrive at a Forge, interact with the Weapons and Armor section on the left side while in the Change Equipment screen, and look down at the bottom. You’ll see an option where you can select if you want to display your character’s current helmet or if you wish to turn it off. This is where you can actively hide your character’s helmet while playing Wild Hearts. Thankfully, while you’re out in the world, you can construct a Forge if you ever need to make a new piece of equipment. The button you need to click to toggle this information on or off varies for each platform.

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You can visit a Forge at any time while playing Wild Hearts to turn the helmet back on for your character. Again, this choice is purely cosmetic. You keep all the stats on your character as if you were still wearing it.