How to increase infamy level in Maneater

Become the most infamous shark in the water.

Maneater places you behind the deadly eyes of a hungry bull shark, focused on devouring anything it encounters, including humans. Because you go around eating everything, and causing trouble, Hunters come out to take care of you, and taking them down means you gain access to additional upgrades. To summon Hunters, you need to increase your infamy level.

To increase your infamy level, you first need to increase your threat level. You can do this by hunting down humans and devouring them. You won’t find them in Fawtick Bayou, but you will find them in Dead Horse Lake. The more humans you eat as the mighty bull shark, the more your threat levels increase. When you reach the first level, bounty hunters come out to take care of you. These bounty hunters will start to search the area where you have been attacking people and have guns. You can typically find them on jet skis or large boats.

Now, you can work on increasing your infamy level. You gain additional infamy points by taking down the bounty hunters sent to take you down. They do have weapons, which makes them harder to take down. You will need to evade their laser red sights to avoid being hit.

After you take out enough of them, the next Hunter on the list will come after you. When you take them out, you can receive the evolution skill that they have on them. You cannot skip Hunters, unfortunately. Each of them come after you in a distinct order.