How to increase MUT Level in Madden 22

Get used to this.

Image via EA Sports

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If you’re new to Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) this year, you’ll want to get familiar with MUT Levels. MUT Levels are directly tied to Ultimate Seasons, which are periods of time in which Madden 22 players can play and grind, in order to acquire Training, Strategy Items, Coins, and even player items. But in order to make progress in Ultimate Seasons and get those rewards, you will need to increase that MUT Level, and here’s how you can do just that.

Simply put, Madden 22 players can increase their MUT Level just by playing the game. MUT users can accrue XP points that go towards the level from completing games, and more importantly, completing objectives.

Throughout the year, Madden will set Daily and Weekly Objectives. Daily Objectives will vary day by day. Some examples of these objectives include winning a game in any mode, to purchasing packs, to even getting a certain amount of first downs. There will also be Weekly Objectives, and even Quarter ones that will span the entire length of the Ultimate Season. And as you might expect, these challenges will take more work and time to complete.

You can find the Daily, Weekly, and Ultimate Season Objectives at the Ultimate Season screen. Go to the Missions tab at the MUT home screen, and then select Ultimate Season to reveal the new missions.

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If you are not new to Madden, keep in mind that things will be a bit different when it comes to MUT Levels. Levels will re-set this year after each Ultimate Season, so if you want to build your team up without spending real cash, make sure to keep up on those objectives.