How to increase psitanium limit in Psychonauts 2

Spend money to make money.

Psychonauts 2 Psitanium Capacity

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You can find Psitanium all over Psychonauts 2. It’s going to be the primary currency you use to purchase consumable items and pins to modify your psychic powers. When you begin the game, you’re only going to be able to carry 100 psitanium. Once you reach that limit, you’ll have to spend it at an Otto-Matic vending machine, and you won’t be able to pick any more up. This guide details how you can increase your psitanium limit.

You’ll have to purchase an upgrade from an Otto-Matic vending machine. The specific upgrade you’re looking for is called the Psifold Wallet. It costs 75 psitanium, so you’re going to need to have plenty of psitanium already available before you can grab it, but you should be able to grab this upgrade early on in the game while exploring the Motherlobe.

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If you’re having trouble finding psitanium, you can always look around the various bushes and shrubs inside the Motherlobe for small, purple dots rising from the ground. When you interact with these objects, you’ll pull up psitanium. Many of them contain five psitanium, and that amount can stack up quickly, allowing you to purchase the Psifold Wallet upgrade.

You can purchase this upgrade at any time when visiting an Otto-Matic machine. However, we highly recommend grabbing this upgrade early because it boosts your maximum capacity from 100 to 1,000. Once you purchase the Psifold Wallet, the Astral Wallet becomes available for 750 psitanium.