How to increase your health in High on Life

A healthy bounty hunter is a good bounty hunter.

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Health is important in any shooter game since you don’t want to end up dying early. This also applies to High on Life. After all, the life of a bounty hunter traveling the cosmos isn’t easy and definitely doesn’t come with health insurance like it probably should. Because of this, you will want to grab some Durahealth containers so you can increase your maximum health. This guide will show you how to increase your health in High on Life.

Where to find Durahealth containers in High on Life

After a short while in the game, you will make it to the area called Blim City. While this town might not be the greatest to look at, it is where your journey begins. Once you get your hands on the Bounty Suit, you will see your health and shields. Your starting health is 120. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about healing yourself in the game since the suit will automatically take care of any damage that you take after a short while. You will, however, need to upgrade your max health if you want to stand a chance against enemies later in the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Shortly after getting your suit, you will be told to head to the pawn shop. This shop is pretty run down and filled with junk but it has everything you need to upgrade your suit and get some bonus health. Behind the counter, you will see multiple Durahealth containers that are available for purchase with each one costing 1,000 Pesos. Each Durahealth container that you purchase will increase your health by 10 points.

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There are two ways you can get your hands on the Pesos required to buy these Durahealth containers; completing bounties and opening Lugloxes. Lugloxes are the containers found around the different areas of the game that you need Knifey to open. Each of them will get you at least 100 Pesos. Bounties can be completed by interacting with the bounty computer. After killing a target, turn in the bounty to get the reward.