How to increase your weight capacity in Valheim

You can make hefting items back to your base much easier.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s not easy to carry all of the resources and materials you find in Valheim back to your house. Not only do you have a limited amount of inventory space, but your character can only carry a certain amount of weight. Once you reach that capacity, you can’t hold anymore, and if you do, your character becomes over encumbered, where they move slowly, and they cannot regain stamina. While it doesn’t look like you’ll add inventory space to your character, you can increase your weight capacity.

How to find the trader

The item you want to find and equip your character is called Megingjord. In Norse mythology, it’s the belt worn by Thor, the god of thunder, to enhance his strength and power. While you have this equipped, your weight capacity increases by 450. However, it’s important to note that while your weight capacity increases, Megingjord takes up a slot in your inventory, and it does not expand your inventory slots. You’ll still have a total of 32, minus the one Megingjord takes.

You can obtain this item from Haldor, the trader. He spawns in a random location in your world, although we typically find him at a static site in the Black Forest biome. When you discover where he is, his area becomes a grey pouch on your map, so you can always refer back to where he is, making it easy to find him. We also recommend you add a portal to his location so you can quickly jump back and forth between your base and where he is. Haldor does not move.

Haldor does not give up the belt for free. It will cost 950 gold coins, and it’s the most expensive item he has to offer. If you’re low on gold coin, you can always raid dungeons and crypts to find rubies, amber, or pearls to sell to him. You can also find gold coins off of trolls.