How to install logos and badge packs in Football Manager 2021

Get the real logos in your game.

Football Manager 2021

Image via Sports Interactive

Part of what makes Football Manager so enjoyable is that you can take any team from around the world and push for glory. Whether you want to start at a big club and go for every trophy available, or start at a team near the bottom and climb to the top, Football Manager 2021 does a fantastic job of helping to recreate the feeling of managing a real team.

However, as you might expect in a game that covers so many leagues from a huge number of nations, licensing can be an issue. As such, not all of the crests and badges for teams are present. Aside from a few handpicked teams individually licensed, such as Leicester City, some of the leagues, such as the English Premier League, are missing their official logos and replaced with generic-looking shields.

That said, it’s relatively easy to add your own logos to the game and replace the existing ones. 

First, you need to download a badge pack to install. There are many different types that can be found that use alternative styles, such as metallic-looking badges or retro offerings. They can typically be found on large FM community websites such as SortItOutSI or FM Scout under add-ons. 

These will normally come in RAR or ZIP Files and will be quite large as it will contain several images to replace the in-game ones. The creators assign them to the correct club, so you don’t need to worry about placing these on the wrong club. Once downloaded, place it somewhere for easy access as you will need to move this shortly.

Next, you need to head to your documents directory on your PC, where you should see a new folder for Sports Interactive. Inside should be a folder for Football Manager 2021. The directory you will need here is ‘graphics’. If you don’t see a folder for it here, you will need to make a new folder and call it ‘graphics’.

Football Manager 2021 game directory

From here, head into the ‘graphics’ folder and place the downloaded logo pack in it. Right-click on the pack and extract it. If there’s no option to do this, a program such as 7-Zip will be required. You should see a normal folder with the name of the pack here now to go with the RAR/ZIP file. After this step, you can delete the RAR/ZIP file.

Football Manager 2021 game graphics directory

You can now launch the game, but one more step is required to allow the game to load in the new logos. Once the main menu has loaded, go into the game’s preferences, and at the bottom left of the preferences, you will see a Reset option. Click on this, and then the ‘Clear Cache’ selection. Then, press the ‘Reload Skin’ option on the right-hand side.

Football Manager 2021 game preferences

This should now work for you. Load into your save, and you will see badges for teams that were previously not there.

Football Manager 2021 logos