How to intercept a pass in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Shut down those passes.

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Mario Strikers: Battle League can be wild and zany, quite frankly, and that’s to be expected. Like its predecessors Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers: Charged, this title offers a fast-paced, arcade soccer game that focuses on big hits, wild goals, and, of course, Mario, Luigi, and friends. Battle League’s gameplay system comes with its quirks, and one part that might be difficult is how to intercept the opposing team’s passes.

So, how exactly can you pick off a pass in Mario Strikers: Battle League? Let’s go over the controls that you should know, plus some gameplay tips that should be of assistance.

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What are the controls to intercept a pass in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Intercepting passes in Mario Strikers: Battle League can be done while the opponent attempts to complete a lob pass. When the opponent performs a lob pass, take one of your players and move towards the character that will receive the lob pass. Get as close as possible, and then press either A or B. Doing this will give a chance of intercepting the ball, and re-claiming possession of the ball.

For non-lob pass situations, intercepting passes can be much more complicated since traditional ones are faster and give defensive players less reaction time. If you come across an opponent that loves to pass the ball, there are two options to shut down passes. One is to get between two players to shut down the pass lane. The other is to get right near the ball-carrier and either hit the player or get in front and prevent forward progress.

Playing opposing teams’ passes is important to success in soccer, in general. Making sure that the other team can’t move the ball up the field and stripping that group from controlling the ball altogether can be a great way to prevent goals from being scored.