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The best way to grind Bolts in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Stock up.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is a game that doesn’t house a large variety of game modes. Wherever you go in the game, you know what you are getting into with its pure focus on aggressive soccer play. That being said, there are a couple of currencies you will come across in the game. Here is how to earn and grind out Bolts or Tokens in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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How to get Bolts in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Bolts are a currency exclusive to the Strikers Club mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Because this is the only area you can get them, there really is not a better way to earn this current when compared to Coins.

When playing online matches against other teams, you will earn bundles of Coins and Bolts. Losses give you 50 Bolts while wins reward you with 100 per game, so our best recommendations to earn Bolts quickly is to try your best to win matches.

Additionally, you will also earn Bolts depending on how well your Club places at the end of each Season. These weekly rankings take place every other week and your placement will depend on how well your Club’s members perform in online matches during that time period. Depending on where you place at the end of the week, you will get a sum of Bolts.

Once you have accumulated a nice supply of Bolts, the owner of your club can spend them on stadium cosmetic changes, including new field designs, goal posts, and more. If you are not the leader, you can vote for what upgrades you would like to see your club take.

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