How To Join A Clan In Warframe


Warframe Clans are collections of players who all work together to enjoy the game. Each Clan has a Dojo that members can build, room by room, to suit their own needs and style. Only Clans may have a Dojo, and it houses lots of essential resources for the Tenno who make up the Clan. The two most important aspects of the Dojo are the Research Labs, for access to new Warframes, weapons, and gear, and the Trading Post.

How To Join A Clan In Warframe

To join a Clan in Warframe, you need to be invited into the Clan. The Recruiting channel in the in-game chat is where to go if you are looking for a Clan to join. Clan reps are always in chat, looking for new people to join.

You can also set up your own Clan in the Communication menu. Just select Clan, then “Start your own Clan,” you will be asked to name your clan, and then it will be set up.

Once you have an invite to a Clan, you will need to build the Dojo key in the Foundry before you can access the Clan Dojo. You will automatically have a Blueprint for the Key when you get the Invite and accept it.

The clan’s come in different Tiers, depending on the size of the Clan.

  • Ghost Clan – 10 members
  • Shadow Clan – 30 members
  • Storm Clan – 100 members
  • Mountain Clan – 300 members
  • Moon Clan – 1000 members

Research costs for new weapons and equipment in the Labs will differ depending on the Clan size, with the smaller Clans needing fewer resources than the larger Clans. Once a Clan has an item or weapon thoroughly researched, you can head to the relevant Lab and purchase a Blueprint for it using Credits. All Clans will also have a Clan Emblem that you can equip in the Appearance section of your Arsenal.