How to Kill Niruul, the Hollow Voice in Destiny 2


Season of Dawn in Destiny 2 is all about helping out Osiris while the Red Legion attempt to take over his Sundial on Mercury. They want to change the course of history and attempt to make it, so they won the Red War. At the end of the Sundial mission, you have to face off against a boss. The first boss is Niruul, the Hollow Voice.

When Guardians enter the chamber to face off against Niruul, the terrain is all over the place where he’s on a lower platform. Niruul goes back and forth on this location, firing at players and periodically becoming immune to damage. Throughout the encounter, minions are spawning all over the place from the Red Legion grunt, War Beasts, Gladiators, and Psions.

Niruul will trap players in a purple shield to prevent them from moving. When locked behind this shield, you need to shoot at the small circles on the shield to escape it, and you need to shoot them fast. If you don’t, the shield can one-shot you. If you have full health, you only have a sliver of it left. You can help your teammates escape theirs by shooting the circles on the outside of the shield.

Fighting Niruul in the Sundial

Every so often, Psion Commanders spawn into the arena. They should go down in a single melee hit, so you need to get in close. If you have trouble locating them, look for the translucent bubbles indicating where they’re floating in the air.

When Niruul is at a fourth or a third of his total health, Honored Colossus enemies enter the battle. You can usually find them hanging around the left and right sides, so take them out quickly. Try to obscure their line of sight to make short work of them. Don’t waste your ultimate on them, though.

Six Guardians are fighting against Niruul and his Red Legion minions. Not every party member should focus on Niruul because minions continue to enter the fight, and if you don’t clean them out, they can potentially overwhelm you and your team.

After you take out Niruul, you return to the Sundial to claim your reward.