How to learn and craft the Porcupine in Valheim

Don’t let this one stick in you.

There are several weapons you’ll be crafting in Valheim, and you’ll likely feel comfortable running around with two of them in your quick access inventory to battle against certain enemies. For those who like having a blunt weapon in your backpack, the porcupine is an superb weapon that does both blunt and piercing damage. While it doesn’t do absurd amounts of damage in both categories, it’s a decent item. You can always hang it on your wall when you’re not using it, too.

You’ll need to hold all of the required resources to craft the porcupine to learn its recipes. These are all of the items you need to have held, and when you want to craft the weapon, you’ll need to be next to a level four forge.

  • 5 Fine Wood
  • 10 Linen Thread
  • 20 Iron
  • 5 Needle

Of the resources, the fine wood and iron should be easy to locate by this point in your Valheim world. You can locate iron in the depths of the Swamp Sunken Crypts, and find scrap iron stuck between the muddy scrap piles. You can also find iron deposits in the Swamp using the wishbone, but those can be a bit more difficult to find, and it can lead you on a wild chase. The fine wood comes from birch trees, which you can find in the Meadows or Plains biome.

When it comes to linen thread and needles, you need to travel to the Plains biome to find them. Needles drop off of the dreaded deathsquito, so make sure you have a shield handy to parry their first attack or a bow if you’re able to spot them before they spot you. One needle drops from a deathsquito, so you’ll need to find a few to take out.

The linen thread resource comes from the flax that you find at the fuling villages. They will have these locations set up with farms similar to those you probably have of carrots and turnips at your base. You need to pick up the flax and bring it back to your home to place inside of a spinning wheel. This device turns the flax into piles of linen thread. You can create the spinning wheel using an artisan table, which you craft after you’ve picked up the dragon tear item from defeating the fourth Forsaken boss, Moder.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have all of those items and a level four forge, you can craft your porcupine. These are all of the stats for the weapon at its base level.

  • Blunt damage: 50
  • Pierce damage: 45
  • Block power: 20
  • Parry force: 30
  • Parry bonus: x2
  • Knockback: 90
  • Backstab: x3

Because of its mixed damage, it’s not going to surpass your other weapons that only do blunt or pierce damage. However, it still does a respectable amount in each category, making it handy to have in your arsenal.