How to leash a Hoglin in Minecraft’s Nether Update

Keep your food close.

Hoglins are a new creature you can encounter wandering around the Nether following Minecraft‘s Nether Update 1.16. A hoglin is a wild pig with tusks and has a small patch of fur at the top of their head. These creatures are a hostile mob towards all players, you can put them on a leash to keep them close to your home and inside of a pen.

You will need a lead to put a leash on them. You can loot a lead in a woodland mansion or buried treasure chest. The buried treasure chest has a higher likelihood of having one or multiple leads inside of it. Alternatively, you can craft two leads using four pieces of string and a slimeball.

Once you have your lead, you need to approach a hoglin and place it around their neck. Because this mob will continue to be hostile to you during the process, you can expect to receive plenty of damage. You now have the option to lead them around or attach them to a fence post. It’s important to stress the hoglin will not become passive after you place the leash on them. It’s merely a way to keep them nearby and have a good food source while living in the Nether. You can tie them up, breed them in a fenced area, and readily harvest them for pork whenever you need it.