How to level up fast in Bless Unleashed

Time to get to leveling in Bless.

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Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG where you can embark on adventures, acquire distinct skills and abilities, and explore an expansive world with fellow players. In Bless, leveling up can be a slow grind, especially if you pass up on Regional Quests. This guide will cover a few tips to level up fast and efficiently.

Play the main quest

Not only does playing the main quest accumulate experience at a solid rate, but this will also unlock more content in the game, including Dungeons, Region Quests, Bosses, and extended areas of the World Map — all opportunities to acquire even more experience.

Be wary of side quests

The experience gained from side quests is minimal, so if you’re trying to farm it at a substantial rate, avoid doing them. The exception is if you’re aiming to acquire Skill Experience, in which case, completing Side Quests is the right approach.

Complete region bosses, regional quests

As soon as you unlock new locations in Bless, be sure to complete the Regional Quests and Bosses in these newly discovered areas.

Take on enemies solo

Whenever you attack and defeat an enemy in Bless with a fellow player, the experience points earned are shared between the two of you. The same goes for taking down enemies in large groups; the experience is divided between the entire group evenly. So, it’s recommended to take down enemies solo in order to absorb all of the potential experience.

Experience Boosters and Boosted Armour

If you intend to farm experience, then be sure to buy Experience Boosters — these are titled PvE Combat Boost Tickets. They’re purchased from town Merchants, like the Golden Key Members. Another similar trick is to purchase a piece of Armour with an experience boost or craft a personalized piece of Armour with it.

Take on similarly leveled enemies

Fight enemies that are the same level as your character, as the best experience comes from them. The lower (and surprisingly even the higher) enemy levels won’t accumulate as much experience, as opposed to if the enemy is the exact same level as your character.