How to level up fast in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Increase your agency level to progress through the game.

Image via Sony Pictures

Increasing your agency’s level should be your top priority in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. The more powerful your agency becomes, the more assignments you can complete, which gives you access to more gear and training equipment to make your heroes powerful. When a new hero arrives to your roster, it makes increasing their level even faster, ensuring they’re at an optimized level to become an asset. While main quests are the best way to do this, you won’t always have energy to conduct them and relying on them to level up all the time hinders your progress.

Best ways to level up fast

Daily Quests

You receive a handful of daily quests at the start of every new day. You can complete these at any time, and they do not cost you any energy. While they do not offer you the most experience, they’re handy to give your agency a small level boost, especially when you’re on the cusp of the next level. Every little bit costs, especially when it doesn’t cost any energy.

Hero Trials

The Hero Trials are limited battles you can participate in to gain hero shards for certain characters. Tere will be shards for Midoriya, Kaminari, Kirishima, Iida, Uraraka, Mineta, and Asui. You can only do these twice in a day, and they cost 25 energy, but they’re worth it to increase your XP when you’re waiting for the next main story mission to unlock.

Operation X

The Operation X missions contain solo challenges that you can complete with your various heroes. You can only use them during the challenge if they have enough energy, which depletes after three uses. Once they’re done, you’ll have to use another one of your heroes, so having a variety of choices at the same level makes it easy to effortless progress through one of these. However, you can only complete these operations once.

Joint Operations

Once a day, you have a small team of players a Joint Operation. You’ll be taking on a tough challenge together, and you can increase the recommended BP level before entering the mission, ensuring you receive the best rewards at the end. The harder the challenges, the stronger allies you’ll need to complete them. Even though you can complete these only once a day, they’re a worthwhile source of resources and rewards.


Emergencies are another once-a-day activity that you can complete with other players. Before becoming active, you need to complete a daily quest or one of the main story quests to unlock it. When you do, these become available, and you’ll have eight hours to try and complete it before it’s no longer available. Similar to Joint Operations, you want to bring your best characters for this battle.

Night Ops

The Night Ops missions are an excellent way to gain XP for your agency, but they’re also superb at giving you increased chips. These chips can be given to specific heroes to enhance their passive stats, increasing their attack, movement speed, tenacity, critical chance, and much more.


You may need supplies when you’re waiting for the next missions. These supplies vary from food to level up your heroes, Credits, gear boosters, and reinforcements cards. These all require energy, but they’re good ways to continue leveling up your agency, and boosting your heroes along the way.