How to light a campfire in ARK: Survival Evolved

Keep warm.

Image via Studio Wildcard

ARK: Survival Evolved is all filled with threats, from other players to massive beasts. The elements can also be an issue, and nothing is scarier than the darkest nights.

Campfire are important for warmth, food, and light, so learning how to build and light one is vital if players hope to survive. To make a fire, players will need to gather up some easily found resources.

Thatch, flint, stone, and wood are all required to make a campfire in ARK. Thatch can be harvested from trees, by either striking them with your hand or using tools. Flint can be gotten by harvesting rocks with a pick, or hatchet, although the pick is more efficient.

Stones are easily found on the ground, and can be collected easily just about everywhere in the game. Wood, much like Thatch, can also be obtained by harvest trees, either by hand or with a tool.

When the campfire has been built, it will need to be lit. Players will need a fuel to do so, and can use excess thatch or wood. Place the fuel in the campfire’s inventory and then interact with it to light it on fire. Hitting the E button on PC, Triangle on PlayStation, or Y button on Xbox will do the trick.

Now you will have a fire that you can use to cook food, or warm up in the game’s occasionally dangerous weather conditions.