How to link Nether Portals in Minecraft

Travel between worlds with ease.

If you are familiar with Minecraft, then you know that there are two separate worlds you can explore in it: the Overworld and the Nether. While the Overworld is where you will most likely spend most of your time and looks more familiar, the Nether is the game’s version of Hell. It is full of fire, lava, and sharp, rugged terrain for you to have to navigate.

To travel between the two planes, you will need to use Nether Portals, links between the two that help you travel to exact locations. That is if you know how to link them together.

Before we get into that, however, it is important to note that one block in the Nether equates to eight blocks in the Overworld. This is important when looking at the coordinates of your portal.

How to link Nether Portals

When you construct a Nether Portal and use it for the first time, a portal will be created in the Nether at a comparable location. But, if you want it to be much more precise, you will want to build a portal at the exact, equatable location in the Nether.

To do this, look at the X, Y, and Z coordinates of your portal in the Overworld. Take the X and Z coordinates and divide by 8 to compensate for that disparity we mentioned earlier.

You only have to do this with the X and Z coordinates, as the disparity doesn’t affect the Y coordinate.

Finally, build a portal at these new coordinates in the Nether, and the two should be linked.

You can also try getting rid of any portals within a 128 block radius in the Nether, as it will search for the closest portal when entered from the Overworld. However, this can limit your placement of portals in the Nether and be pretty hard to control.