How to make a bookshelf in ARK: Survival Evolved

Store your useful items in one location.

Image via Studio Wildcard

Storage is an important aspect in any survival game. When you’re working to keep your supplies all in one place, a bookshelf in ARK: Survival Evolved is a useful addition to any sided home to keep things together. You can use it to keep your smaller belongings, notably blueprints, notes, recipes, and specimen implants.

You first need to be level 19 to craft this piece of furniture. These are the resources you need to craft it:

  • 100 Wood or a type of Fungal Wood
  • 45 Thatch
  • 35 Fiber

Once you have created the item you can place it anywhere on the ground, and it doesn’t to require a foundation under it. It takes up a one by one by two space, so make sure you are placing it in the correct location to fill these requirements. It has 2,000 hitpoints. You can craft it from your inventory when you have the required materials.

You want to make sure you have at least one or two of these around to store your blueprints and other crafting materials. It’s helpful to have these littered throughout your home so you’re not carrying a blueprint around with you, should perish or lose them along your journey. However, for those looking for a more secure location to hide your blueprints, you want to spring for the S+ Bookshelf.

It allows you to place a pin code on your bookshelf, preventing those who don’t have it from taking anything inside of it. To build that one you need 50 Metal Ingots or Scrap Metal Ingots, 45 Cementing Past or Achatina paste, and 35 Fiber. While it calls for more metal, it’s a worthwhile addition if you’re playing with other players roaming around the server. You need to craft it in the S+ crafting station, though.