How to make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

You likely have the resources already.

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There is what feels like an endless amount of blocks in Minecraft, all of them with various uses. Depending on what you are trying to do, there is likely some block out there to help you accomplish it. The Fletching Table is an item you might not have heard considerably about because it does not seem to have much of a use. Here is how you can make a Fletching Table in Minecraft and what it does.

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How to craft a Fletching Table in Minecraft

To make a Fletching Table in Minecraft, you need to have four of any kind of Wooden Plank found in the overworld and two pieces of Flint. Flint can be acquired by breaking down Gravel blocks, although it is not a guarantee that it will appear. If it doesn’t, just place the Gravel back down and hit it again. You can also trade for it with Fletcher Villagers.

When you have your four Wooden Planks and two Flint, the crafting recipe requires you to place the Flint in the top left and top middle slots. The Wooden Planks should go in the center, middle left, middle bottom left, and bottom middle slots. When the Fletching Table appears to the right, move it to your inventory.

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What does the Fletching Table do in Minecraft?

As of this writing, there is currently no interaction you can personally have with the Fletching Table. It is merely a means to give a Villager the Fletcher job and be decoration. If you find a Villager without a job, place it down, and there is a chance that they will claim it as their job block. You can also change their job to a specific one by placing a bed nearby and destroying their old job block.

We will update this article if there is ever an additional use for Fletching Tables added to the game.