All Villager workstations in Minecraft

Chasing their dream career is easy for them.

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Setting up a trading post for Villagers in Minecraft is a task that will take a bit of time, but is well worth the effort for anyone who is looking to get access to a wealth of resources. Doing this will allow you to get many rare items as you level up each Villager’s trading proficiency. However, to make sure you cover as many areas as possible, you need to make sure your Villagers have different careers, and in order to do that, you will need to gather the proper workstations. Here are all of them.

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All workstations for Villager jobs in Minecraft

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Here is the full list of all workstation blocks in Minecraft and which job it gives your Villager when they claim them.

  • Barrel – Fisherman
  • Blast Furnace – Armorer
  • Brewing Stand – Cleric
  • Cartography Table – Cartographer
  • Cauldron – Leatherworker
  • Composter – Farmer
  • Fletching Table – Fletcher
  • Grindstone – Weaponsmith
  • Lectern – Librarian
  • Loom – Shepherd
  • Smithing Table – Toolsmith
  • Smoker – Butcher
  • Stonecutter – Masons

Some of the above blocks can be found in Villages, and occasionally Villagers will already be assigned to them. If not, though, you will need to find them out in the world and bring them back and work through assigning them that block. Be sure to look around unique structures and other villages for the missing blocks that you need to grab.

Each Villager can only have one job at a time, but it is possible to make them switch jobs whenever you want. If you also need more Villagers in your area, you can go about having them breed.