How to change villager jobs in Minecraft

Set your Minecraft villagers on the right path by giving them a new profession. Here’s how.

Minecraft Villager

Image via Mojang

Villagers in Minecraft are more than just mindless NPCs. They can also take on professions to provide useful services to the player that will help them in all kinds of ways.

While basically any job a Minecraft villager can take will make them a valuable part of the village, sometimes you might end up with a villager that isn’t contributing in the best way for your current needs. Fortunately, you can force a villager to leave their current profession and take on a new job with just a few simple steps.

Which Minecraft villagers can switch professions?

One thing to keep in mind before trying to change your villager’s job in Minecraft is that there are a few restrictions on when you can assign them new professions. First of all, Nitwit villagers can’t acquire a profession at all. You’ll know these villagers by their green robes, so if a villager isn’t willing to accept a job, make sure they’re not a Nitwit. Your villagers also need to be adults before they can take up a job, so if you have newborn villagers, you’ll need to wait until they’re old enough before you can assign them a profession.

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The only other time you won’t be able to change a villager’s job is if you’ve already traded with them in their current job. For example, if you have a Farmer in your village and you’ve already bought crops from them, they’ll never be able to switch to a Cleric. You can still remove their current profession, but the only job they’ll be able to claim later is the one they had when you traded with them.

How to switch Minecraft villagers’ professions

Assuming your villager is an adult, isn’t a Nitwit, and you haven’t traded with them in another job, getting them to change professions is simple. The first thing you need to do is destroy the job site block associated with their current profession. The job site block is whatever block corresponds to their profession, so for an Armorer, it will be a Blast Furnace, or for a Librarian, it will be a Lectern. Destroying the job site block will remove the villager’s profession and make them unemployed.

Now, you just need to build a new job site block within range of them. Just build whichever block is associated with the profession you want to give them nearby. Villagers will switch professions to match the first job site block they find, so if you’re going for a certain profession, make sure there are no other job site blocks around that they might go to first.

Villagers also need to be able to see and physically interact with the block to claim it, so make sure it’s in plain sight and somewhere they can actually reach. Only one villager can claim each job site block, so be sure to build a new one for each villager you want to assign a job to.

If something goes wrong and your villager claims the wrong profession, remember that you can just destroy the job site block and build the right one to assign them a new job. Just be sure that you don’t trade with them first and you can switch their jobs as many times as you need.