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How to make an Anvil in Minecraft

Time to forge.

There are plenty of tools in Minecraft that allow players to progress their weapons and armor to be even more useful than they start out. One of the main tools for these purposes is the Anvil. This heavy item is unique from everything else in the game in that it slams down on the ground hard, so you can’t place it up high, but its usefulness will come in handy for repairing and enchanting items. Here is how to make an Anvil in Minecraft.

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How to craft an Anvil in Minecraft

While you can find Anvils inside the forge room of a Woodland Mansion, it is more likely you will need to craft one. To craft one, you need to collect a total of 31 Iron Ingots. Dig them up from Iron Ore blocks and smelt them in a Furnace to have them ready for crafting. Next, take 27 of those Ingots, and create three Blocks of Iron with them. Now you are ready to make the Anvil. The crafting recipe requires the three Iron Blocks in the top slots and the Ingots in the center and all bottom slots. Move the Anvil to your inventory when it is ready.

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How to use an Anvil in Minecraft

To be able to use an Anvil in Minecraft, you need to have built up some levels from gathering experience orbs from things like defeating mobs, farming, and mining certain ores. You can use armor and tools with the same kind of item or resource it is made of to repair it for longer use, similar to the Grindstone. Unlike that block, however, the Anvil does not remove enchantments.

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You can combine Enchantment Books and Name Tags with your items at this location and copy Maps here as well.

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