How to make an anvil in Minecraft

Anvils will allow you to repair items that have lost durability.


Anvils in Minecraft allow you to repair items, rename items, and even take advantage of some enchantments. To make an anvil, you will need three blocks of iron, and four iron ingots laid out as described below:

  • Top row – Iron Block, Iron Block, Iron Block
  • Middle row – empty, Iron Ingot, empty
  • Bottom row – Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot

Anvils can potentially become damaged from use, with a twelve percent chance of losing some durability when they are used. Eventually, an anvil will break and will need to be replaced. If you find an anvil somewhere in the game, you can only mine it with a pickaxe. Using any other tool will result in the anvil breaking and not dropping anything.

How to repair items with an anvil

There are two ways to repair items with an anvil. You can place two items of the same type in the anvil, and their remaining durability will be combined. Enchanted items will retain their enchantments using this method. You can also use the same materials that were used in the creation of the item to repair it at an anvil. For example, and Iron Sword will need Iron, a Diamond Sword will need Diamonds, and so on.

Enchanting items with an anvil

You can enchant items using an anvil and Enchanted Books, and you can combine Enchanted Books to increase their level. The level is can be an alternate enchantment table when you are stuck for space.