How to get a Name Tag and use it in Minecraft

The nameless ones shall be named.

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Customizing items and mobs in Minecraft is a practice that many players like to do. Putting your mark on them to show your ownership over them is something that is almost unanimously loved. That being said, naming mobs in Minecraft will also prevent them from despawning when you get too far away, so there is a useful side to this as well. Here is how you can get Name Tags in Minecraft and start naming things.

How to find Name Tags in Minecraft

Name Tags are one of the few items in Minecraft that you can not craft. Instead, you will have to find them in the world via various means. The first, and our most recommended way, to find Name Tags is to go fishing. If you have a Fishing Rod with the Luck of the Sea and Lure enchantments, find a water source block and throw it in to continuously reel in various items. These items can be anything from junk like Leather Boots to Enchantment Books and Name Tags. Keep in mind that this is a rare drop, with a minuscule chance of coming from the water. Luck of the Sea does help the chances, though.

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The next best way to get Name Tags is to max out a Librarian Villager’s trading potential fully. They will offer Name Tags for a whopping 20 Emeralds, so they are definitely not cheap, but this is at least a guaranteed way to find the item.

The last way to get Name Tags is to find them in Chests located in various structures in the Overworld. They can appear in Dungeons, Mineshafts, Ancient Cities, Woodland Mansions, and as part of Buried Treasure.

How to use Name Tags in Minecraft

To name an item or mob with a Name Tag, you first need to put the name on the tag itself. You need an Anvil and at least one level of experience to do this. Place the Name Tag in one of the slots, select the box at the top that says Name Tag, and put in the name you want whatever the object or creature is to be named. When done, move the new Name Tag on the right to your inventory.

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To name a mob, just walk up to them with the Name Tag in hand and interact with them. The only entities that can not be named are other players and the Ender Dragon. For naming items, go back to the Anvil and combine the two in the interface.