How to make and use a grindstone in Minecraft

Quite a useful tool.

How to make and use a grindstone in Minecraft

The grindstone is one of the most important items in Minecraft. Not only does it help in repairing some items, but it can also be used for removing non-curse enchantments from items. You can also make a new item with significantly more durability. Here are the items you need to make a grindstone in Minecraft.

  • 2 sticks
  • 2 wooden planks
  • 1 stone slab

Once you have these items, you need to open your crafting table. Then, you need to place the items in the crafting area in a specific pattern. In the first row, you need to place one stick, then one stone slab, and then another stick. In the second row, place one wood plank in the first and one wood plank in the third box.

Image credits- DigMinecraft

The second box and the third row should be empty. Once you place the items in this pattern, the grindstone will appear in the box in the right. You can now move it to the inventory.

Once you have the grindstone, you can use it by simply putting two items into it. You will get an item with a combined durability of the two, plus 5% up to the maximum durability of that item type. This will remove the non-curse enhancements as well. Grindstone is also a job block, so your villager can turn into a Weaponsmith if you want.