How to make and use a Grindstone in Minecraft

It’s not a grind to get.

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Minecraft has quite a few blocks that can be used to better yourself. Whether it is making something with a Crafting Table or enchanting an item on an Anvil, there are multiple sites you will want to consider adding to your home area. The Grindstone is one of the more overlooked blocks with these purposes. Here is how to make ga Grindstone and what it does in Minecraft.

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How to craft a Grindstone in Minecraft

While Grindstones will naturally appear in some Villages with a Weaponsmith, you can also create one for yourself. The items needed for this are two Sticks, one Stone Slab, and two of any Planks. When you have those items, the crafting recipe requires the Sticks in the top left and top right corners, the Slab in the top middle, and the Planks in the left middle and right middle slots. Move the completed Grindstone to your inventory when done.

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How to use a Grindstone in Minecraft

When you have a Grindstone created, you can use it to change a Villager’s job into a Weaponsmith. Additionally, items can be repaired in it by combining two of the same kind of item. If any of them have an enchantment equipped, the Grindstone will remove it while giving you the repaired item and experience depending on the enchantment present. Curses are not included in enchantments removed from items, and custom names made with a Name Tag also do not disappear.

If you are looking to just repair your item without removing any enchantments, you will need to take it to an Anvil. Grindstones are primarily for starting over with an item when you have two that are low on durability. It is also a good way to earn experience from items you do not often use.