How to make an armor stand in Minecraft

Use your armor as a decorative piece in your Minecraft home.

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In Minecraft, an armor stand is a decorative piece that can hold your wearable items when you do not have them in your library. The armor stand is available in all current versions of Minecraft. Here is how you can make one for your home.

If you are playing in Creative Mode, you can find the armor stand in the decorative blocks tab located between the shulker boxes and the note block. In Survival Mode, you will need to craft the armor stand using six sticks and one smooth stone slab. Sticks can be found in a variety of places. The easiest way is to find the nearest tree and break down a block of It. In the crafting menu, make it into wooden planks and from there, make it into sticks.

Smooth stone slabs can easily be created as well. To make them, dig out some cobblestone with a pickaxe. You will need to put the cobblestone in the top slot in a furnace to remake it into a smooth stone. You will need three total smooth stones. Once you have them, you can create the smooth stone slab. If playing the ingredients way, place the three smooth stones along the bottom boxes to craft the item.

Now that you have your six sticks and smooth stone slab, you can craft the armor stand. The ingredient grid will require you to put three sticks across the top three slots. In the middle row, a stick goes in the middle slot. Finally, along the bottom, the smooth stone slab will go in the middle with the remaining two sticks on either side of it. Move the completed armor stand into your inventory.

Now that you have an armor stand, you can set down somewhere and place your unused armor on it for a little decorative flavor. You can also reposition the arms of the stand to your liking.