How to make blood pudding in Valheim

It’s filling.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you reach the Plains biome in Valheim, you’ve started to unlock and become familiar with flax and barley. These are great materials for you to use in many of your recipes, and they offer you access to higher-quality items. When you use your windmill to turn barley into barley flour, you learn how to create blood pudding.

Blood pudding will increase your maximum health and your stamina gauge. Of the two, the food provides you more health than it does stamina, so if you’re worried about taking too many hits, blood pudding is the way to go. Here are the full breakdown and stats of blood pudding.

  • Duration of Blood Pudding: 2,400 seconds
  • Healing: 4 health points per tick
  • Maximum Health: 90
  • Maximum Staminal: 50

You need to make blood pudding at a cauldron. Here are all of the ingredients you have to hold to make it.

  • 4 Barley Flour
  • 2 Bloodbags
  • 2 Thistle

Of the three items, thistle and bloodbags are the easiest to find. Thistle is a bright blue flower that grows in the the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. It’s easier to find this plant at night, but we don’t recommend wandering around in these regions at the time because more enemies tend to spawn. When it comes to bloodbags, you can farm those off of leeches. Those creatures only appear in Swamps, and they’re swimming around the water. You want to hit them from afar using your bow.

The final ingredient, barley flour, is only available if you acquire barley from the Plains and put it into a windmill. You can craft a windmill when you create an Artisan Table by acquiring the dragon tear. The dragon tear drops off of the fourth boss, Moder. To collect the barley, you need to travel into the Plains to find the fuling villages and outposts.

You don’t have to clear the village to grab the items, but they do not respawn once you pick them up. Bring those back to your windmill to crush them down, and you’ll receive enough floor to brew the blood pudding at your cauldron.